The Reciprocal Relationship Between Regain37 and ESG Investing.

The Reciprocal Relationship Between Regain37 and ESG Investing.

The Reciprocal Relationship Between Regain37 and ESG Investing.

In the last decade, a fundamental change occurred in the investment world. Investors have been looking for businesses that do more than make a profit. They want to be part of firms that focus more than on the bottom line. They want firms that speak to the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors of running a business in the 21st century. What role and place does Regain37 play in this?

The interest and importance of ESG factors has grown exponentially in the last decade. ESG factors are made up of different indicators grouped into three sections, namely, environment, social and governance. The table below provides a quick snapshot of what those indicators usually are.

Waste ManagementEmployee relations & diversityTax Strategy
Resource DepletionWorking conditions, including child labour and slaveryExecutive Remuneration
Greenhouse Gas EmissionsInvesting in local communitiesPolicy Lobbying
DeforestationHealth and Safety  Corruption and Bribery
Climate changeData Protection and PrivacyBoard Diversity and Structure

As you can tell, ESGs involve a broad spectrum of indicators. This is necessary because depending on the type of business and the industry it is involved in, some indicators will be more important to one type of business compared to another. ESG factors have generally been considered to matter only to large, publicly listed companies. However, at Regain37, we believe that ESGs are factors that should matter to all types of organizations, including ourselves.

“Is Regain37 an NGO or a business?” This is a common question that we receive from our clients in both the education and health units. As a matter of fact, because of the lack of adequate legislation that accommodate social enterprises in Zimbabwe, we are registered as a private limited company. However, we remind our stakeholders constantly that we run as social enterprise company. A social enterprise company is a business that primarily aims to deliver social goods while maintaining sustainable revenue measured by steady profit levels which are re-invested to deliver more social goods. At Regain37, our social goods are health and education.

ESGs and Regain37 being a social enterprise have a symbiotic relationship. Regain37’s operations are focused on provided health and education solutions to communities by augmenting existing smart, renewable energy that speaks to the needs of communities in Zimbabwe. This speaks to our Environmental and Social aspects of ESGs. We have a team that is diverse in terms of gender and age which speaks to good governance.

The ESG framework and its growing popularity provides ample opportunities for both small and large companies to speak more directly to building sustainable businesses that correct the problems in society rather than exacerbating them. At Regain37, we take those steps daily and in every aspect of how the business is run. Not only is it environmentally, socially and financially profitable to do so, it also places us in a space that is building a better global citizenship.